Dr. Ricardo Whyte & Dr. Suranee Waleszonia have over 35 years of combined clinical experience working within the trenches of the clinical arena of healthcare, where they have delivered over 66,000 patient contacts.

Through their personal and professional experiences, they have forged an innovative and immersive program to help you master resilience and overcome burnout in vital areas of your life.

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Killing Burnout The Introductory Guide
Ricardo Whyte M.D.

Dr. Ricardo Whyte

“Our passion is helping workers kill burnout and develop healthier, happier, more purposeful lives!”

Suranee Waleszonia

Dr. Suranee Waleszonia

The Membership

The Membership

Join our Killing Burnout membership for monthly sessions on ways to build resilience

The Guide

The Guide

An interactive workbook to introduce you to the 7 Vitals of Wholeness. Order your copy from Amazon.

The Book

The Book

An in-depth exploration of burnout, how it is affecting organizations and individuals and what we can do about it. Get more info here.

of those employees say burnout is affecting their work performance.

of the American workforce is currently experiencing burnout.

say burnout can negatively impact personal relationships.

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