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Killing Burnout

The experience designed by professional mental-health experts who’ve teamed up to give you real-life step-by-step advice on how to reach peak performance.

“I’m paying more attention to things I wasn’t even aware of before…things that I didn’t know could even cause burnout.”

Renee B.

Do you feel like…

You take a day off of work only to come back more tired than before?

You bring your bad work day home with you and blow up on your significant other, even though you had planned on enjoying your evening together?

You can’t take even one more deadline, and there’s nothing left to give other than the bare minimum?

You try harder and harder to get yourself out of this rut you’re in, only to feel like things have just gotten worse?

We know that life is hard – and at times unbearable. To show you that we understand and care, we’ve created a FREE email sequence with invaluable quick tips, powerful yet simple strategies, and more to get you started on the path to avoiding burnout.

Let us show you a way out of this cycle.

Breaking free from the cycle of burnout can be challenging. 

Many grapple with finding the right advice from true experts, understanding effective prevention methods, or even recognizing the signs of burnout in themselves.

There’s no guidebook on burnout.

Until now.

Introducing your mentors.

Dr. Ricardo J. Whyte, a board certified Addiction Psychiatrist, co-founded The Master Mind Institute and indentified The 7 Vitals™, the keystone framework of the Killing Burnout Membership to help individuals achieve re-balance. 

In his 2 decades of clinical experience, he’s had 40,000+ patient contacts, and now, he’s bringing that expertise to you.


Dr. Suranee Waleszonia, a licensed clinical psychologist, earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Loma Linda University. With expertise in clinical neuropsychology, she is the Co-Founder and COO of The Master Mind Institute and helps to provide accessible mental health training options.

We Believe in being Proactive

Typical wellness programs are good at helping you manage stress (i.e. deep breathing exercises, meditation, etc.), but we believe in teaching you how to prevent stress — or at least some of it — before it snowballs into burnout.

We recognize that there’s good stress and bad stress. The center “flow zone” is where challenges are doable because you have the means to handle the pressure. It’s our goal to give you the tools to keep you in that zone.

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Re-Balance. Focus. The Right Boundaries.

We often hear about the importance of balance, but at Killing Burnout, we emphasize RE-BALANCE.

While sometimes being out of balance is necessary to reach our goals, the key is to be mindful of it, ensuring we can re-balance and keep all areas of our life thriving in the long run.

What goes on in the background 
of your mind that prepares you to focus? It’s all about having a framework.

A framework lets you handle the same stressors, but offers a systematic approach to tasks, helping you maintain a clear FOCUS.

What is the point of setting BOUNDARIES if we’re unsure how to let people in or out? 

Let’s discover ways to manage your barriers effectively, protecting yourself while nurturing your inner circle.

Killing Burnout

The experience designed by mental health experts who’ve teamed up to give you real-life step-by-step advice on how to reach peak performance.

Benefits of Killing Burnout

Intervene before your distress enters a state of crisis and becomes harder to manage.

Make your life more meaningful and enjoyable.

Improve satisfaction with your relationships.

Improve your morale and the morale of those around you.

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